Cold Weather Hot Time For Dyno Tuning.

Get More Power And Better Rideablity With Our Dyno Tuning Services.

Cold Weather Hot Time For Dyno Tuning.

The snow-plagued months offer the perfect time to complete motorcycle maintenance without the stress of missed riding opportunities. With our Service Technicians typically being less busy, it’s also a great time for increasing and fine-tuning your motorcycle’s performance, such as pursuing added horsepower.
J&L Harley-Davidson in Sioux Falls and Glacial Lakes Harley-Davidson in Watertown have Service Technicians specifically trained on their in-house Dynamometers, or Dyno for short, to measure a motorcycle’s torque and horsepower throughout the RPM range. This allows for adjustment of the fuel mixture and timing for better performance.
Before beginning any performance tuning, the first step is to know what you want to accomplish – do you want more passing power, increased torque, or better all-around driveability.
There are different ways you can tune on a Dyno, but our dyno-trained technicians at J&L and Glacial Lakes prefer to do it the way the factory intended and how their product is best designed to do it. Numbers can be manipulated to look better, but we go by the book, giving you true, realistic and consistent results.
Ryan Miller, Service Manager at J&L Harley-Davidson, shares that “because dyno tuning is an investment in your bike, and serves a functioning purpose, it’s important to tune it to the conditions in which you are going to be riding.”
The Dynos in Sioux Falls and Watertown have state-of-the-art tuning and testing capabilities, and an eddy-current brake that allows for simulating different road conditions. Typically, a 10 percent load is added to account for the weight of rider, weight of the bike, road friction and wind resistance. J&L’s Dyno also has the adjustability to test trikes by utilizing an extra drum and a sliding front-wheel carriage.
New bike owners often ask for suggestions for increasing their bike’s performance. Miller’s best advice is to put open-head pipes on it with a muffler, air cleaner and a Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner. On pre 2017 Touring Models, the main
benefit is less heat, which results in better performance. On 2017 Touring Models, the exhaust was designed to move the heat away from the passengers feet.
“The benefit of tuning is that the bike runs better and the bonus is that you get more horsepower and torque out of the bike,” he says.
Both J&L and Glacial Lakes Harley-Davidson have Service Technicians who have completed advanced Dyno-training courses. According to Miller, “we learned how to use the Smart Tune features on the Screamin’ Eagle Tuner to our advantage. It helps the motorcycle explain to us what it wants for optimum performance throughout all RPM ranges.”
Riders have varying reasons for getting a Dyno tune. Some people want peace of mind, some are after the big numbers, and some are constantly updating their bikes so they need to have it repeatedly re-tuned to fit the changes.
To make sure you have a better understanding of what you’re hoping to get out of your motorcycle, ask yourself these three questions before adding performance parts:
  • How do you ride?
  • Where do you ride?
  • Are you just looking for numbers?
Then stop in and talk with any of our Service Advisors at J&L or Glacial Lakes Harley-Davidson and we can lay out a performance plan tailored to fit your bike, your budget and the way you ride.
For more information or to schedule a Dyno Analysis or Dyno Tune, speak with any of our Service Advisors at (605) 334-2721 in Sioux Falls or (605) 886-3448 in Watertown. Or contact us online here.
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