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Meet Our Team

Get to know some of the most knowledgeable P&A guys and gals you'll ever meet. Our Parts & Accessories Department combines their passion for riding with constant training to make them the best in the business.



J&L Parts & Accessories Department Manager

A self-professed graduate of the School of Life, Aaron was born and raised here in Sioux Falls. 

Aaron enjoys helping his customers bring to life the visions they have for their bikes, especially when lots of chrome is involved. When asked what his best customer story is, he’ll always respond that every customer story is his favorite.

Aaron admits to being probably the only person around these parts who actually likes winter and all its icy glory. When he’s not busy at work or peeling apples into one long strip, he enjoys practicing his parallel parking, spending time with friends and family, snowboarding, mountain biking and hunting.



J&L Parts & Service Window, Warranty Administrator and Service Advisor (Wearer of many hats.)

A local guy, Doug grew up right here in Sioux Falls. He attended MMI and is PHD Certified. He gained experience out in California as a technician and then brought his enthusiasm back to Sioux Falls. Lucky for us, he’s chosen a life behind bars (handle bars, that is), and he’s been with J&L for over 20 years.

You may not always see him, and likely won’t often hear him out and about, but you’ll find Doug at the Parts & Service window, quietly making sure everything you and the Service techs need is ready and waiting.

Legend has it that Doug was born on a motorcycle and from the looks of it, the end is nowhere in sight - 51 years of riding and counting. Doug’s current wheels are a 2011 CVO Softail convertible and a 1995 custom Softail.



J&L Parts & Accessories Specialist

Al comes to Sioux Falls, via Pipestone, Minnesota and is certified through Harley-Davidson University in Parts & Accessories. 

From listening to his customers, Al is able to ensure they are getting the Harley-Davidson motorcycle and accessories that best fit their wants and needs. Although he admits he’s a kid in a grown man’s body and anything high performance gets him going, he’s a bit of an old soul, and some of his favorite customer stories include helping them restore vintage Harleys.

Al has 40 years of riding experience under his belt that can be traced over many miles. Although he loves anything with two wheels, his current bikes of choice are a 2005 Road King and a 1988 FXRS.

A scrapbooking aficionado, Al also enjoys restoring old cars and motorcycles and drag racing.



J&L Parts & Accessories Specialist

Ryan called El Paso, TX home until 1997 and since then he’s lived in 6 other states.

With his background in electronics, flight, and heavy equipment ops, we’re fairly certain he’s a Parts & Accessories Specialist by day and an international spy by night.

Ryan always wants to make sure customers get what they want and leave with a smile. Even when ladies request the shirt of his back. (Ummm…we’re not going to ask.)

A lover of being outdoors, riding is a perfect fit. He’s been riding for 10 years, and prefers the look of Softails and Street Glides.

Like any committed aviation enthusiast, Ryan has Top Gun on loop at home, a Red Baron Snoopy tattooed on his bicep, and dreams of being reincarnated as a P-51 Mustang dogfighter.




J&L Parts & Accessories Specialist

Jacob is a Sioux Falls native and lucky for us, decided to remain in the Falls City and bless us with his presence. (We thought he said presents.)

Aware that every customer story has its own uniqueness, Jacob's proud to be part of the team that helps turn the customer’s vision into their very own visual autobiography. 

He’s been riding for over a dozen years (yes, he’s actually old enough to shave) and he just traded in his chromed-out piggy bank for a 2014 Fatboy Lo, which he's currently in the process of blacking out.




J&L Shipping & Receiving

Photo and bio coming soon.