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Meet Our Team

From goggles to bootstraps, and everything in between, our drive for excellence is unmatched. For more information on Genuine Harley-Davidson MotorClothes Merchandise or anything else in our inventory, please contact Dustin, J&L Harley-Davidson Retail Manager or call (605) 334-2721.



J&L and Glacial Lakes Harley-Davidson Retail Manager 

Born in Yankton, SD, Dustin has been the Retail Manager at J&L for over a decade. He has a big farm family, with a wife and 2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 horses, 3 cats, and 75 chickens. When not picking out the latest Harley gear, you'll find Dustin hunting, fishing, coaching youth soccer, or ranching. If he had a motorcycle, he says it would be the new "48".

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J&L MotorClothes Sales Associate

Rhonda hails from Sin City and moved to Sioux Falls for something a bit more tame. Rhonda has worked at J&L for several years now and loves meeting new customers as well as seeing familiar faces walk in the doors.

A lover of horses, Rhonda admits that she has more time in a saddle than on a motorcycle seat, but does enjoy riding motorcycles when she gets the chance.

When the stars align, Rhonda would love to own a Softail Classic and spend time riding down the Oregon Coast. In the meantime, Rhonda spends her free time shining her many barrel racing trophies, writing haiku and consolidating ketchup bottles.



J&L MotorClothes Sales Associate

A native of Sioux Falls, Anna has been working part time at J&L since before she was born. Her family doesn’t remember it that way, but Anna apparently looked into it and unfortunately, family members are exempt from child labor laws.

Riding with her dad and big brothers since she was 5, Anna’s had her motorcycle license for five years, but prefers being a passenger. (Probably because it’s the closest thing to a chauffeur she’s going to get.) She does hope to someday have a black and orange Nightster to call her very own.

Anna swears that every experience is a good experience when working with customers, but working with new customers and inviting them into the “J&L family” is uniquely rewarding. 

Making the Snuggie look good since 2009, Anna’s famous for taking 1st prize at a Paris Hilton look-alike contest and rockin’ the mic at the Alpine Inn karaoke night. 




J&L MotorClothes Sales Associate

Carol blew into Sioux Falls from Lake Zurich, Illinois, just northwest of the Windy City and attended the University of South Dakota, graduating with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. Carol enjoys motorcycles as a passenger, especially with her dad and loves sharing her enthusiasm for riding with her customers.

While helping customers find the accessories and riding gear they need, Carol gets a kick out of broadening the cultural appreciation of her customers and co-workers. Her abbreviated one-woman version of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' is one of her most requested.

But her true claim to fame? She once sneezed a beenie weenie through her nose.


Jayme K.

Front Desk Receptionist

Born & raised in Sioux Falls, Jayme’s the smiling face you see when you walk in the J&L doors. She’s even been known to spontaneously break out in song to welcome customers.

Jayme recently left her job running a daycare to come to J&L and corral bigger kids. This seems to work out well, as she hasn’t really grown up herself, either.

She’s been riding on her own for about a year, and has a 2013 110th Anniversary 1200 Custom, but she’s been riding with her dad as long as she can remember. (There were a few years in the ‘90s that are a little hazy). 

A favorite part of Jayme’s job is being able to have contact with all the customers, both new and long-time, helping in any way she can and finding ways to make their experiences just a little bit better. 

Jayme’s downtime is spent trying to figure out what the fox says, constructing full-scale Dr. Suess dioramas with her kids and working on her book about unconventional uses for gummy bears.



J&L MotorClothes Sales Associate

Growing up in Madison, South Dakota, Landra had to trek 23 miles to school, uphill in 6 feet of snow. Both ways. (Ok, maybe it was having her parents drive her 2 miles down Main Street, but still….)

Her mother was right - all that outdoor air was good for her and Landra graduated from Dakota State University with a focus in Exercise Science.

A fitness fanatic and bodybuilder who loves competing, she’s been known to make customers drop and give her 20 in the middle of the MotorClothes Department.

When not moving heavy machinery around for the guys in Service, she enjoys yodeling and curating the world’s most amazing David Hasselhoff fan site ever.


Jamie G.

J&L MotorClothes Sales Associate

A local boy, Jamie was born and raised in Sioux Falls. He has his Bachelors in Science in Criminal Justice, which comes in handy when trying to profile his fellow MotorClothes associates. Any time Jamie can help a new bike owner complete their new purchase with all the necessary (and cool!) riding gear is a favorite experience and seeing their excitement is priceless.

Riding for over a decade, Jamie’s current go-to ride is his 2014 Street Glide Special.

When not coaching hockey, Jamie loves spending time with his sons, trying to prove Myth Busters wrong (don’t ask about the exploding coffee creamer incident- it wasn’t pretty), and playing intramural Tiddlywinks.



J&L MotorClothes Sales Associate

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Brad thought he’d trade 9 months of rain for 9 months of snow. (So far that’s working out well for him.)

Brad likes getting to know his customers and making suggestions based on their specific situation, type of ride and style preference. Now that he has his license, he loves to ride anything with two wheels and can’t wait for the sun to shine.

A classic Type A personality, when not helping customers, you can find Brad compulsively rearranging shelves, alphabetizing the bumper stickers and arranging clothes by cotton percentage.