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Riders edge
Riders edge
Riders Edge

Meet the Instructors


Chad S.

Chad has been riding motorcycles for more than half of his life. In that time he decided he wanted to teach other people how to ride. He went through and taught at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s course in Iowa. He came to J&L Harley-Davidson and helped get the Rider’s Edge Program started here in 2002. Chad became a Rider’s Edge instructor because he enjoys teaching people about his favorite things. His advice for new riders is “Relax and worry about your own skill level and no one else’s.” When Chad is not instructing or cruising, he is spending time with his kids. Originally from North Dakota, he and his family travel up north to visit friends and family. Chad also enjoys hunting, fishing, and working on old cars.


Jim B.

Jim has been riding motorcycles for longer than he usually cares to admit – more than 45 years, in fact. He has been involved in almost every aspect of motorcycling you can think of, from dirt to street to racetrack to touring. The surge in new riders in the last few years caused Jim to think about his own early days, learning how to ride, and how much easier things would have been if there had been some real training available. That got him to wondering how he could be involved in helping new riders to become safe and skillful motorcyclists. A little research led him to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Rider’s Edge, and he’s now in his fifth year as a certified RiderCoach and Rider’s Edge Instructor. He’s been especially impressed with the enrichment of the training in the Rider’s Edge course. “In another life, I’m an engineer and a commercial pilot, and I’ve done a fair amount of college instruction, so I can relate to just how much better and more fun learning is in a vibrant, exciting environment,” Jim says. “To see a student who has never even sat on a motorcycle before progress to confident maneuvering while learning the fundamentals of safe riding, all in just a few days, shows just how effective and rewarding the Rider’s Edge program really is. If you’re a new rider, there’s nothing better than a taking a Rider’s Edge course, then getting out and riding to apply what you’ve learned and hone your skills!” Besides being out on the range for Rider’s Edge, Jim loves to be with his grandchildren, turns wrenches on his bikes and cars, is active in the Sioux Falls Harley Owner's Group, rides about 25,000 miles a year with his lovely wife and still manages to sneak in a track day or two every now and then.