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Photo of J&L Harley-Davidson Pre-Owned Center

Meet the Team


Jim Entenman
Owner and the "J" in J&L

Jim began helping out in the family business when it was still just a boat repair and small engine shop. The first year of being a H-D dealership, Jim and his brother, Lonnie, did everything themselves- sales, service, parts, you name it.

Jim truly loves spending time with the customers and feels blessed to be able to call many of them friends. Nothing gets him more excited than to help people realize their dreams and fully realize the Harley-Davidson experience.

Although he says he doesn’t have a favorite model (because he loves them all), Jim finally (after a hard-core round of eeny-meeny-miny-moe) chose a 2012 Screaming Eagle Road Glide as his current #1.

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Lonnie Entenman

Owner and the "L" in J&L

Lonnie and his family dedicated themselves to growing the business into the three locations they own today. Before the purchase of the franchise, Lonnie had never ridden a Harley, but he bought his first one – a 1976 Super Glide – and has never looked back.  

Lonnie rides a 2011 CVO Street Glide, but his all-time favorite model is the Heritage Springer. He has a 1977 model, but doesn’t ride it much, claiming that it’s a classic. Lonnie’s the most reserved member of the Entenman family, choosing to work behind the scenes to keep the dealerships running smoothly and stays busy making sure everything is in top condition.

Lonnie likes to tinker and will take anything home that needs fixing. If there is a broken vacuum around, watch out. Lonnie can’t wait to get his hands on it.

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Jimmy Entenman
Vice President of Sales/Owner

Jimmy grew up at his family's dealership and remembers spending weekends at the store with his dad and riding around with him on his Harley. He enjoys the family atmosphere that surrounds the Harley-Davidson brand and loves meeting new people every day. 

One of Jimmy’s favorite things to do is spending time with his wife and son. When he has extra time, Jimmy likes to ride his 100th Anniversary 2003 Road King, but when he takes long trips, he’ll hop on an Ultra Classic, especially when his wife is along. 

Jimmy’s passion is bikes. He thrives on making sure buying a Harley-Davidson is the best purchase decision a person has ever made. He knows his customers are buying into a lifestyle and enjoys that with it comes a lot of fun and friendships.

Little Known Fact: Jimmy is a big Star Wars fan and would love to take a motorcycle trip with Hans Solo. (Would that make him Chewbacca?)

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Joe Entenman
Director of Retail Operations/Owner

Joe bleeds orange and black and will go out of his way to make sure customers are engaged with the brand and the riding experience. He enjoys welcoming people into motorcycling and getting them to participate and enjoy every aspect of it. To this day, one of his favorite things to do is to get out and spend time riding with his customers.

He graduated from Augustana College in Sioux Falls with degrees in Business and Biology, which helps in his work dealings every day. (Well, the business part. The biology part only came in handy when recently trying to identify a strange rash.)

Joe and his wife have one son, who Joe says is at a really cool age. (Because they’re right about the same maturity level.)

His favorite all-time model is the one he’s riding- a 100th Anniversary 2003 Heritage Springer Classic. He says it was his first new bike and he loves it for the classic look of the front-end.

Joe was inspired by the movie Long Way Round, a documentary that records the 19,000-mile journey of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman from London to New York City on motorcycles. They travelled eastwards through Europe and Asia, flew to Alaska, and continued by road from there to New York. He would love to take a trip like this with his dad, brother and uncle.

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CFO and Queen of Spreadsheets

Char grew up in Sioux Falls and hung around J&L for so long, they finally gave her a job. Twenty years later, she’s still underfoot. 

With a background in Economics & Political Science from SDSU (and various HDU courses over the years) Char still tries to learn something new every day. (For example, did you know a snail can have 25,000 teeth?)

Since the beginning, Char has delved head-first into the Harley experience. She loves meeting new customers and re-connecting with long-time ones. Riding for over 19 years, she knows first-hand that bikers are amazing people with a shared spirit.

Char is also the First Lady of Hot Harley Nights and this amazing event is her baby. In 1996, she melded her love of Harley, her knowledge of how big people’s hearts are and her desire to help kids’ dreams come true. 

Little Known Fact: While not a vegetarian, Char hasn’t eaten a hamburger in over 30 years.

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Master of the Abacus

Linda is hands-down the most loved employee at J&L. Not only is she kind and funny, but she is beautiful and graceful and creative.  And, oh yeah, she cuts our checks. 

Growing up in Sheboygan Falls, WI, home of the world famous Ducktona 500 (the annual rubber duck race), Linda spent many fun-filled hours honing her math and accounting skills. Counting all those ducks helped prepare her for attending Northwestern College and her career as Master of the Double Entry Ledger.

In Linda’s down time, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, teaching Bikram yoga and reconciling her bank statements.



Bookkeeper. The Sequel. 

Over the last 12 years, Jill spent time working the MotorClothes Department and recently moved from working a sale to working a calculator. She’s admitted, though, that she loves to sneak back downstairs and help out on the floor occasionally. 

Jill swears she was a bank teller in a past life, as she feels the need to keep a never-ending supply of Tootsie Rolls on her desk. Which is good, as they seem to disappear more quickly when Joe’s around.

With a background in Medical Assisting, retail sales and bookkeeping, Jill is a well-rounded individual. She rides a 2004 XL883 and does so as much as possible. 

When not working or riding, you can find Jill playing volleyball, attempting to be a gardener, and acting out her favorite Dr. Suess stories.



Resident "Go To" Girl - Event Coordinator, H.O.G. Liaison, and Customer Engagement and Instagram Aficionado

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